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About Us
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About Us.

Love in Cork®
An Ecologic, sustainable and 100% Portuguese brand.

The ‘Love in Cork®’ rises from the fusion of two dreams, the desire of having that bag that makes your ‘outfit’ perfect and the use of an ecological raw material of excellence.

Inspired by the uniqueness and the excellence of cork, our creation is grounded on values such as quality, elegance and distinction.

Love in Cork! An endless way of carrying your life!

The Origin

origem-sobreiroThe cork oak, cork, or “sobreira” or “chaparro” (Quercus suber) is from the family tree of oak, grown in southern Europe and from which cork is extracted. The cork oak is, along with the Pine, the predominant tree species in Portugal, being more common in coastal Alentejo and Algarve mountains.

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cork-skinCork Skin is a natural product, directly obtained from cork tree bark. This bark is sliced into thin layers and is laminated and overlapped with a special technique in a way that the several cork “pieces” complement them selves.

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Raw Materials: Cork

corticaCork is a vegetal origin material. It comes from Cork (Quercus Suber) bark (súber), and has a high power insulating property. The first extraction of cork is usually made when the tree grows up to 25 to 30 years, occurring in the months through June to August.

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